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Map of the Best Places to Take Pictures in Puerto Rico

Map of the Best Places to Take Pictures in Puerto Rico

The Best Places to Take Pictures in Puerto Rico

Photo Spots in San Juan

San Juan is the most visited city in Puerto Rico and has several great photo spots! If you fly into San Juan, then you also won’t need a car to visit these spots as these are all within walking distance from each other.

1. Fortaleza Street

This street leading up to Puerto Rico’s Governor Mansion (La Fortaleza) is blocked off so you can snap a photo without any cars on the street. The display changes from time to time and sometimes there are colorful umbrellas while the Puerto Rican flag was flying when I visited.

I recommend visiting here early in the morning as this is a very popular photo spot!

2. Castillo San Felipe del Morro El Morro Fort

 The El Morro Fort is a great place to visit not just for photography, but because it is a place of historical significance for Puerto Rico! Come and learn about the history of the outpost and its importance to Spain and the US.

3. Calle Imperial

You’ll find the vibrant and colorful mural of the Puerto Rican flag on Calle Imperial! I can’t think of a better place to take a photo that screams “I’m in Puerto Rico!”

4. Calle San Jose (Puerto Rican Flag Door)

Yes, there’s another mural with the Puerto Rican flag just minutes away from each other! You’re in luck if you didn’t like the colors of the previous photo spot.

5. Calle Norzagaray

6. Hotel El Convento

7. Cuartel de Ballaja

 Built-in 1854, Cuartel de Ballaja used to be a military barrack but serves many different functions today. Now, it houses a dance school, a music school, the Museo de las Américas, the Puerto Rico Academy of the Spanish Language, and the State Office of Historic Conservation! I love the beautiful colors and symmetry of the building itself.

8. Cementerio Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzi

 I don’t typically visit cemeteries when I travel, but I had to pay this one a visit. Cementerio Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzi is significant to Puerto Rico is the final resting place of many of PR’s most prominent natives and residents. This cemetery also offers sweeping ocean views!

9. Barrachina

 Barrachina is a very popular restaurant serving Puerto Rican specialties. The restaurant claims to have invented the pina colada! However earlier claims of the Piña Colada invention is HI highly recommend dining here as the food was delicious and I got the pina colada, of course. The atmosphere is very fun and you’ll find a colorful courtyard with a beautiful fountain on the inside.

Photo Spots Outside of San Juan

To visit these photography spots, you’ll need to rent a car to travel around Puerto Rico. I highly suggest one with high clearance and 4WD as the roads can be rough in some areas.

10. Cero Mime

 Cerro Mime is located in the middle of Puerto Rico, and this short, steep hike leads to sweeping mountain views. The climb to the top of Cerro Mime doesn’t take long but it is a quick ascent in elevation.

I have to be honest that the drive here was rough and there was not an actual designated parking spot to start this hike when I visited. I recommend going with someone that knows the area/trail because finding the trailhead was very difficult.

However, based on recent comments for this trail on AllTrails, it seems like now there is a local by the name of Ramon that allows you to park your car at his property (see map below) and points you to the trail but do check before you visit if anything changes.

11. Gozalandia Falls

The walk to the waterfalls is easy. To access the lower falls, you’ll walk down a series of stairs to a cascading waterfall (pictured on right). To access the upper falls, continue the trail and it is a short walk (pictured on left). You can swim at both waterfalls and there’s even a rope swing at the upper one!

12. Survival Beach

 Aguadilla is known for its beautiful beaches and Survival Beach is one of them! If you’re looking for a fun hike to a secluded beach then this beach is for you! You’ll pass by epic rock formations along the 20-minute hike to this beach. This beach is still much of a secret for visitors so you probably won’t pass by anyone on this trail.

Start at the Surfer’s Beach parking lot and look for signs for the trail to Survival Beach (the sign should be obvious). Cross a bridge at the parking lot and head into the woods as part of the trail. The trail itself winds through the woods and over roots and rocks so wear closed-toe shoes. It takes you through the trees and onto Tabletop Beach. Then, depending on the water levels, you can either walk on the beach to Survival Beach or go back through the trees. I highly recommend bringing a backpack with water, sunscreen, and snacks as you could be out in the hot sun for a while!

13. Crash Boat Beach

 Crash Boat Beach, which is another Aguadilla beach, is the perfect place to catch the sunset! There are colorful rowboats lined up on the shoreline hence the name. There is also a designated parking lot here! If you can’t tell already, having designated parking spaces for attractions is a luxury. During my road trip, we had lots of issues finding marked parking spaces for places we wanted to visit.

14. Las Ruinas Faro de La Ponderosa

You have to check out these ruins while you’re in Aguadilla! These ruins are near Punta Borinquen Beach and the views from these ruins are epic! You’ll get sweeping ocean views with palm trees swaying in the wind. It is a great place to relax and picnic!

15. Avión Abandonado: Currently closed as a fire destroyed the plane.

Aguadilla is full of so many gems from beautiful beaches and ruins to…an abandoned plane! You should make a stop to check out this abandoned plane and snap photos of this colorful spot. The story behind the plane is that a pilot was moving the plane at the Aguadilla airport in 1992 when an issue arose and he lost control of the plane and crashed it into another parked plane.

Today, it sits in a field on Route 107 next to a Puma gas station. It is located on private property and the owner asks for a small donation to visit as he takes care of the lot. There are stairs leading into the plane so you can climb into the inside as well!

16. Salinas de Cabo Rojo

 Did you know there are salt flats in Puerto Rico?! Not only that but these salt flats turn pink on a sunny day! To visit these salt flats, park your car at Centro Interpretativo Las Salinas and walk along the road until you see an opening to the fence to the salt flats. It is free to visit but please do be respectful and leave no trace! Do not litter as throwing trash into the salt flats ruins the salt.

17. Faro Los Morrillos

 If you drive past the pink salt flats, you’ll find yourself at a beautiful park called “Cabo Rojo”. The views here are absolutely gorgeous! Head first to Faro Los Morrillos which is an iconic lighthouse atop cliffs! There is a nice trail here that takes you alongside the cliffs. Be sure to stop at Puente de Piedra, a unique rock formation that makes a bridge, to take some photos!

18. Cayo Caracoles

19. Finca El Girasol

20. Puente de Hamaca del Lago Garzas

21. La Curva del Arbol

22. Escaleras de Colores Pasteles

23. Bandera PR Utado

24. Yaucocromatic

25. El Yunque National Forest

If you visit Puerto Rico, you have to visit El Yunque National Forest! It is actually one of the smallest rainforests in the world, but one of the most biologically diverse. Come experience the beauty of the national rainforest and do go chasing waterfalls!

Here are some of the most beautiful spots to visit in El Yunque National Forest:

  • Torre Britton
  • Bano Grande
  • El Yunque Peak Tower
  • Juan Diego Falls
  • Torre Yokahu
  • Cascada La Mina
  • Puente Roto
  • Las Pailas
  • Las Tinajas Falls
  • Charco El Hippie Waterfall

It is certainly one of the best places to take pictures in Puerto Rico!

26. Cueva Ventana: Currently closed due to permits.

Cueva Ventana is a large cave that overlooks the Río Grande de Arecibo valley! You can take a guided hike through this cave for an epic view.

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