Add Your Tours

Add Your Tours

Do you have to pay for adding your tour or company to our website? NO!

You can create your own post or ad by clicking our Post Ad button at the top of the page.

After you create your post/ad you can then proceed to have your business featured on our homepage.

If you wish to be advertised on our homepage please fill in the form below.


Pros of Joining Paid Featured Tours


      • Be promoted or chosen as a pinned post on our Social Groups with over 50K members.
      • Be featured on our homepage and pages.

      • Get exposure and more bookings thru our network 


    What is the FHDN Network

    FHDN Netowkr only applies to Fareharbor customers or those companies that use Fareharbor. Fareharbor is a free booking system available to all businesses. The FHDN Network allows us to post your business on our homepage with ease. If you are a Fareharbor partner you can join the FHDN Network by clicking here.

    Do you need to be on Fareharbor to be featured?

    No, we allow independent businesses to also join our website and also be featured.

    If you already created your post, please include your post url in this field.

    Paid Featured Tours: are pinned at the top of the page and also offer more visibility to our visitors.


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